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Midnight's Fate is now live!

At last! Zac and Faith's story is now live!
Midnight's Fate is live! Grab your copy!
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Zac McBain is on a mission to a place that doesn’t exist - a place that disappeared thousands of years ago. The source of the Specus Argentum--the only silver that can harm the Cruors, is sought by not only Zac and the Ancients, but Dac Valerian as well.
Hidden deep in the rainforests of Honduras, the present day town of La Nahuaterique, Faith Hannah is on a mission, both humanitarian and personal. Her medical mission is prompted by her wish to escape the problems that assail her in London. She never expected to be kidnapped and discover a whole supernatural world around her own--and she certainly didn't expect to feel such a sudden, intense need and longing for one of them.
As soon as Zac sees Faith deep in the woods, he's lost to her. In the middle of a hard fought battle for the Specus Argentum, the passion fate has decreed between Zac and Faith begins to consume them.

But the impending war between the Cynn Cruor and Scatha Cruor comes to a head. Secrets are unearthed, loyalties are doubted... and love must struggle to prevail.
Get your copy now and immerse yourself in Zac and Faith's steamy story!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

99 Cents only!

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Meet My Main Character Blog Tour

I would like to thank Ms Mary King for tagging me to be a part of “Meet My Main Character Blog Tour”.  Allow me to introduce Ms King to all of you.
Mary King takes a realistic approach to writing medical novels, featuring characters whose lives have been altered by traumatic injury, disease or genetics. Through her work, she invites readers into the world of adapted daily living, rehabilitation therapies and personal challenges met head-on by teens and young adults. Her interest in physical medicine began in 1982, while working at a spinal cord injury rehab center in Jacksonville, Florida. Ms King currently resides in Florida, where she continues to work on her novels in The McFadden Series. Visit her website:

And now, for my main character:
What is the name of your character? Is he/she fictional or historical?
Roarke Hamilton is the Dux (leader) of the Cynn Cruors based in Manchester. He is a Scottish immortal infused with the Kinaré gene – the amalgamation of vampire/werewolf/human blood. He is over five hundred years old but looks to be in his early to mid-thirties. He is a completely fictional character who came to me while I was in the middle of completing the first of the Cynn Cruors Bloodline series, Rapture at Midnight.
When and where is the story set?
The story begins in 1557 in Scotland. Roarke Hamilton and his fiancée, Deanna Logan are celebrating their betrothal when the leader of the Scatha Cruor, Dac Valerian attacks Hamel Dun Creag, The Hamiltons’ stronghold. In the aftermath, the stronghold is destroyed and Deanna is dead. However, Roarke catches a glimpse of Deanna over five hundred years after he buried her.
What should we know about your character?
Roarke is a Cynn Cruor immortal.  He is very passionate, disciplined, and very focused driven especially after he lost Deanna. His discipline and drive elevates him to being the youngest Dux of a Faesten. He is fair, just, and loyal. He also loves without question.
What is their main conflict?
As part of the Cynn Cruors Roarke has a duty to bring the leader of the Scatha Cruor, Dac Valerian, to justice and to help humans in any way he can.  The war has raged for hundreds of years and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. His main conflict occurs when he realizes that his mate is alive. However, Deanna carries the scars of her stay with the Scatha Cruor which can lead to her being banished and suspected to be a Scatha spy. Roarke’s loves her despite everything and has to find a way to protect the woman he loves without antagonizing the Cynn Cruors’ Council of Ieldran.
What messes up his life?
Roarke nearly loses his mind when Deanna is deemed dead after the siege of Hamel dun Creag.  When a chosen mate of a Cynn Cruor dies, the one left behind will eventually succumb to death. He doesn’t understand why he is still alive, why he hasn’t turned to skin and bones and eventually ash. When he catches a glimpse of Deanna he can’t help think that she is either a ghost who will haunt him to his death or just a figment of his imagination to make his life bearable. However, Deanna appears in the flesh and when she tells him of what happened to her all these hundreds of years, he doesn’t know if he can contain the rage that he feels.
What is the personal goal of your character?
Deanna believes that she is not meant to be a Cynn Cruor mate after what she went through, especially not the mate of a Dux. Roarke has to make her see that despite everything, he chose her to be his, that she is worthy of being called a Cynn Cruor Dux mate.
Is there a working title for this novel, can we read more about it?

Forever at Midnight is already available on Amazon for everyone’s reading enjoyment.

I have also created a book trailer which can be accessed via this link:

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Graeme's Interview!

The Cynn Cruor Bloodline series looks into the lives and loves of the Cynn Cruor warriors, immortals that are infused with the Kinaré gene – the amalgamation of vampire/werewolf/human blood.  They live among us. They look like us.
They may be us.
During my research and writing, I have been fortunate enough to interview them, to be able to give my readers a glimpse of their world and what they do.  Here is an interview I had with Graeme, the Head of the Cynn Cruor Manchester Faesten’s security.

Interview with Graeme Temple, Head of Security of the Cynn Cruor Manchester Faesten
The Borders, Scotland

Kate Corrigan, Graeme’s mate meets me at the door of the house where the interview will take place. She smiles warmly as we shake hands.

Kate:  Isobelle! We finally meet.  Graeme is inside waiting for you. (We both look up at the sky). With the days getting longer, twilight is just like four in the afternoon.

Isobelle: The rainclouds are fast approaching. That should help Graeme.

Kate smiles: Yes it will. Let’s go in so that you can begin the interview.

Dust covers several parts of the house. Roman blinds fall half way down the windows to shield the bungalow’s interior from the sun outside. I see Graeme in the kitchen and smell bacon cooking.  I laugh. He turns and grins.

Graeme: Isobelle! Give me a sec. I finally get to eat bacon in peace.

Isobelle: Because Eirene isn’t here.

We all laugh. Once Graeme has eaten and we all have a mug of coffee in our hands, we settle down for the interview. Graeme has his arm around Kate who sits beside him.

Isobelle:  Thank you for finally granting this interview Graeme.  I hope that you have fully recovered from your injury. 

Graeme: Yes, it seems I have. Forgive me.  We didn’t get to finish our interview the last time.  So many things have happened since the last time we saw each other. (He looks at Kate.)

Isobelle: Uhmm….do you want me to come back?

Kate: No, please stay. (She smiles as she gets up.)  I have to write an article anyway. I’ll leave you two. (She walks to the dining table where she opens her laptop and is soon engrossed in writing. Graeme shakes his head sadly).

Isobelle:  Right….The last time we spoke you were preparing to leave for the Isle of Man.

Graeme (nods): Where I was injured. We had broken through Dac’s communications centre and during the fight he arrived. He aimed his weapon at Roarke and I moved into the line of fire.  Our armour should have stopped the bullet. (Graeme stares into space). We didn’t know it was a different kind of silver.  So I apologize that we weren’t able to continue our talk the last time.

Isobelle: Think nothing of it. You had to heal. Besides you found Kate.

Graeme (smiles): The woman who saved me from myself.

Isobelle: When I interviewed Finn and Roarke, they spoke of Dac Valerian and the Scatha. They also spoke of how Dac took away something from them.  Did Dac take away something from you, too?

Graeme:  Yes. Dac and his Scatha Cruor have taken away something from all of us. I was a Knight Templar and a Cynn Cruor. Dac had a hand in many of the atrocities done to Templar Knights even though we had already laid down our arms. He may not have shoved the sword into our guts, but he made his transfuges do it for him.

Isobelle:  Where does Kate figure in all this?

Graeme: She didn’t realize that the person she had been investigating for a very long time turned out to be a Scatha Cruor. She was investigating his connection to many of the paedophile rings not only here but abroad as well.

Isobelle:  And?

Graeme (looks at where Kate is still engrossed writing): I had to protect her and find her friends.  I didn’t expect to fall in love with her.  I didn’t expect to want her as much as I do.  To hope that she needed me as much as I needed her. (He looks back at me). I didn’t expect her to be my mate. I will die for her. She has suffered a lot too.

Isobelle: I know.  How is she?

Graeme (smiles but it doesn’t reach his eyes): All I can do is to be here for her now.  What happened is still too fresh for her. I decided to give her some time with her parents so we visited them before coming over here. Kate wants to keep this place and I have to say I agree. The Borders was where I was born and had some of the happiest years of my life before we had to move.

Isobelle: You and your parents.

Graeme (nods): Before we had to move away so that people didn’t catch on that we were immortal.  Now that I’m here, I want to stay. This is also Kate’s hideaway but we still have a lot of fixing up to do.

Isobelle (hesitates):  Graeme, we are in the house that Kate hid in and where the Scatha found her.  Isn’t it dangerous to be here?  I can still see the damage the transfuges did.  The bookshelves are smashed. We’re both sitting in upholstered chairs that have been slashed….

Graeme (eyes hard): They have returned to the ash realm, Isobelle. All of the Scatha who knew of this place are dead. They cannot bother us here anymore. You know that.  The Cynn Cruor has this place and the house of Kate’s parents under its protection.  Security cameras have been installed around the house and into the forest.  The bedroom floor has been removed so that Cynn mortals can help build a command center underneath. This has state of the art sensors and equipment so sensitive to movement that we will even know when ants start hoarding for the winter.  Any Scatha worth his sorry arse will be killed before they even reach the periphery.

Isobelle: Okay! Geez…You don’t have to go Cynn Cruor warlike on me.

Graeme (stops himself from retorting and chuckles): You don’t fear us.

Isobelle: Uhhmmm…

Graeme roars with laughter.

Isobelle (shakes head): Let’s get back to the Cynn Cruors. What happens now?

Graeme: We’re going back to Manchester in a little while. We still haven’t heard from Zac.

Isobelle:  He’s in a place that doesn’t exist but he’s with the Ancients. That’s something unheard of.

Graeme: I want to be there should Zac make contact. I feel stronger despite the silver in my veins.  I need to kick some Scatha butt.

Isobelle: Well, I’ll go ahead of you. The sun is still too high.

Graeme (stands): Okay, but we will see you in the Faesten soon?

Isobelle:  Of course. I need to get Zac’s story in as well for my readers.

Kate (looks up from her laptop and walks to us): Leaving?

Isobelle:  Yes. One of these days, I’m going to interview the Cynn Cruor mates. I want to know what all of you saw in each warrior.

Kate (laughs): That would be an interesting conversation.  Eirene and Deanna would probably like that.

Graeme:  I’ll see you to the door.

Isobelle: Really?

Graeme (rolls his eyes): I know how to dodge the sun.

Kate returns to the dining table to resume writing.

Isobelle:  Thank you for the interview.

Graeme: Thank you for making my Kate laugh.

Isobelle:  It will be okay, Graeme. You’ll see.

Midnight’s Atonement is now available on Amazon.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

BE MINE - A Contemporary Romance - Coming Soon!

My writing career started when I first wrote Love in Her Dreams, a contemporary romance novella. Then I moved on to paranormal romance. Since then I decided that I would write in both genres.  The contemporary romances would be 'bridges' between my paranormal romance books. So here's a snippet of BE MINE.  I will be co-authoring this book with another incredibly talented and generous author.  I mentioned her before, but let's keep mum for the moment.
Gracie looked at him askance when the door closed behind her mother.
“Theresa and I talked yesterday before they left to bake cookies. She warned me against hurting you.”
“Oh Mum!” She placed her face in her hands, her voice muffled.
“Hey,” he cajoled, taking her hands away from her face. “I told her my intentions were honourable.”
She gave a hysterical laugh. “I don’t think having sex in such a short space of time is exactly honourable.”
“What if we had sex tonight and made love tomorrow? What if I made love to you the day after tomorrow and the day after that?”
“That only means you could get me pregnant.”
“But what if I continued to make love to you the next week, the coming week, the next month, the coming months?”
Luke tenderly cupped her face in the palm of his hand. He took a tendril of her hair with his other hand rubbing the silky hair between his fingers before tucking it behind her ear. It was getting to be a habit with Gracie. He looked at her parted lips and the mouth that held so much magic for him. He bent down to kiss her, his tongue tracing the seam, sucking gently on her lips.
“Would forever prove my intentions were honourable?” he queried against her mouth.